Friday, May 20, 2011

How do you think About Khmer -Siam border conflict ?

During Thai Prime: Aphisit does the Election Campaign which elect on 3th next month, the politic game really quiet with Cambodia, he may tell Hun Sen that, Now Thailand is busy with election so Siam need to take a break not take Pheah Vihear or Khmer Prasat to play politic Game with Cambodia. Wait next time, Thai will raise Khmer temple, Preah Vihear to play after Siam feels want to play. This shows that, Khmer heritage, Phreah Vihear or Border area are the places for the politic Game of Siam when they are stressed with Politic Crisis in Siam then Thailand will play Game with Khmer. So who will get benefit ?
Well, Hun Sex Party is the Slave of Vietcong will get much benefit from that game. The more
thai play game the more Hun Sen win the politic for enforcing his criminal power in Cambodia for Vietcong . Please help edit the text above, Thanks you

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