Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cambodian victims under the KR regime will never ever receive a fair justice!

Royal compromise
More royal compromise
... and yet more royal compromise
Where is the king in the land grabbing cases of Boeung Kak lake and Borei Keila?

Saturday, January 14, 2012
Op-Ed by Pissed Off

The fact that the court is in Cambodian territory and needs Hun Sen's approval for a number of things before it can begin its supposedly independent works and Sihanouk is excluded from being called to testify, we can say with certainty that the victims will never get true and fair justice.

The UN and the western countries participate with it knowing fully well that justice for Cambodian victims is cheaper than that of their own, and they are not prepared to go to the extent of obtaining real justice at the expense of their own interests!

Sihanouk has tried so hard so far making deals after deals to maintain his monarchy in Cambodia even at the cost of Cambodia's destruction and Cambodians' suffering. What he does not understand is that an institution can exist on its own without any intervention if that institution fulfills its role so its existence is relevant. Also an institution whose representative in this case the king does not want to fulfill his role since he is too scared to upset the PM is an institution slowly dying from within anyway.

Ranaridh and particularly Hun Sen, when they were writing up the Cambodian constitution, were already having in minds the idea of restricting the power of the king; however, the king still has some power and duty which can be seen in article 8 and 9 of the said constitution.

Article 8 and 9 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia state and I quote

Article 8
  1. "The King of Cambodia shall be a symbol of unity and eternity of the nation.
  2. "The King shall be the guarantor of the national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the protector of rights and freedom for all citizens and the guarantor of international treaties."
Article 9
  1. "The King shall assume the august role of arbitrator to ensure the faithful execution of public powers."
Where is the king in the land grabbing cases of Boeung Kak lake and Borei Keila?

Isn't he the protector of rights and freedom for all citizens? In this case does he not understand that every Cambodian citizen has a right to proper or decent housing and freedom to negotiate a fair settlement with the company involved and should not be evicted out of their homes by forces at the urging of the company?

How hard is it to understand article 9?

Does he ignore it because he lacks courage to even fulfill a few duties left for him when they wrote the constitution?

For sure one day, the king's palace will be a museum for visitor to visit and for Cambodians of my generation and younger to look at with an emotion of disgust.

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